Nika Kupyrova


“The Hollow” (Agatha Christie, 1946) is a classic English country house mystery and yet an unusual novel in its psychological complexity and abundance of female protagonists. Imprisoned in their social roles, they are only allowed to circulate in loops of expected behavior: the dazzling and vampish Hollywood actress; the admiring and devoted wife; the aristocratic and witty lady of the house; the plain, but stubbornly independent cousin.

In the best traditions of Christie, the plot unfolds with murder. When the famous detective Hercule Poirot arrives at the crime scene he finds it to be ‘staged’, artificial — in order to solve the mystery he first needs to discover the characters’ motivations outside their assigned identities. At first glance a murder mystery, “The Hollow” is actually a feminist and social critique.

The sculptures are part of multidisciplinary project “Woman in Green” based on Agatha Christie`s novel and will be shown at Nika Kupyrova’s upcoming solo exhibition with Fragment Gallery.