Alexey Martins

Being together

“Being together” is the next stage of “Mental firewood” project, started in 2015. Sculptures made of used wood, which were only potential fires in the space of museum or gallery, became real fires. The artist was able to reveal another theme that is significant for his practice. This is “community” motif — the sculptural plasticity’s ability to become the social one and to be the source of heat that brings people together. It was a reference to a basic function of fire – consolidation.

At the new stage, the project becomes a participatory performance that generate common moments. Art is not only an excellent tool for exploring the society, but also for the creation of delicate social linkages. Thus, a whole range of important political, social and philosophical topics is touched upon.

The performance took place within the «Archstoyanie» festival in summer of 2017. The artist placed one hundred zoomorphic sculptures nearby Nikola-Lenivets village and suggested viewers to light all the extraordinary “firewood” at once. It was as if art had been sacrificed and had become a powerful source of physical warmth for a while. Flaming fires were a totemic metaphor for the unfulfilled desire for solidarity in our age of isolation and frustration.