Alexey Martins

Black forest. Black sky

The installation includes two parts, which are visually identical, but a placed specularly in two separate spaces. The first part which was installed at the entrance of Cosmoscow Art Fair is the “Black forest”. It is a space of uneven, ruined soil, creating the image of sprouted fungus, cave crystal structures or calcareous skeletons of various organisms living on the seabed. This space was surrounded by spectators from all sides. When they got inside and dissolve there, they became a part of general sculptural composition. The second part – the “Black sky” – “closed” the fair. It appeared as a materialized air, which is so condensed that hung over all the “inhabitants” of this territory as a kind of stalactite formation posing a threat.

In Siberia, where Martins comes from, there is a special term for such an ecological situation – “black sky regime”. This is the starting point for the artist when talking about ecology.The artist tries to find out how the picture of the world is transformed when the environment changes.

Martins captures a non-existent, imaginary landscape, a new state of nature as a natural habitat in an installation form. This landscape image reveals the “second nature” of numan – culture, which nowadays is looking for new expressive means in order to reflect troubled relationship between human and everything that is opposed to him.