Center Stage presents Antonia Luxem’s solo exhibition called «Disidentification»

29 December 2020

Center Stage begins its exhibition series of the 2020 international open call winners. The first of these is «Disidentification», an exhibition by the London-based artist and filmmaker Antonia Luxem at Fragment gallery space (Moscow, Russia).

The exhibition at Fragment Gallery is the artist’s first solo exhibition. Four film works are shown at Luxem’s exhibition, the centerpiece of the which is an aesthetic video installation: «Dearest Degenerate» is a polemic, poetic and passionate letter that guides us through layers of visual metaphors, and addresses the close and homophobic person. The work was developed from material found in personal notebooks and diaries and inspired by books such as Didier Eribon’s «Insult and the Making of the Gay Self» (who also organized the first conference in France dedicated to gays and lesbians in 1997), and «Cruising Utopia», written by one of the most influential queer theorists, José Esteban Muñoz.

Antonia Luxem’s experimental and abstract films are inspired by her interests in neurology, philosophy, human perception, thought processes and dream spaces. Luxem in her artistic practice also explores questions of queer identity, for the artist it’s an opportunity not only to rethink personal experiences but also to contribute to the expansion of LGBTQIA+ culture. «We need to have a voice and it needs to be an inspiring and powerful one», says the artist.

It is important for the Center Stage non-profit initiative and its co-organizer and funding partner, Fragment Gallery, to show the works of Antonia Luxem, who is not only an artist in her own right but also a queer activist, in Russia, a country where in recent years human rights violations have been on the rise, new discriminatory laws have been adopted and aggression towards LGBTQIA+ representatives have been steadily growing.

Antonia Luxem’s works have been shown in exhibitions and film festivals in the UK and abroad including B3 Biennal of the moving image in Frankfurt and New York Independent Film Festival. She is the recipient of an Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant, a-n bursary award and is a FLAMIN Fellowship alumnus.

The exhibition is open till January 25, 2021
By appointment only.
Phone: +7(495)740-84-38