Dagnini — an artist from Saint Petersburg. She lives and works in Moscow. Graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts and Pro Arte School for Young Artists.

She works with dynamic performances, creates objects, installations, paintings and graphics. The main theme of her researching is a glitch both in a digital space and in a reality. The breach of the peace and current everyday routine are the necessary condition for her artworks.

Dagnini is the winner of the Innovation-2020 Art Prize in the “New Generation” category.


2015 — 2017 Pro Arte School for Young Artists (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
2005 — 2007 Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Solo exhibitions and performances:

2019 Solo performance “Veneziarium” at The 8th Cultural Forum, The General Staff Building (Hermitage Museum) (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
2019 “Peep show 4.0” performance at Cosmoscow art fair, Gostiny Dvor (Moscow, Russia)
2019 Disk (D:), Fragment Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2018 “Peep show 3.0”, 21 Gallery, CCA Winzavod (Moscow, Russia)
2018 “Maiden by the window”, Auditorium Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2016 “Private performances” – Performative series (Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Russia)
2015 Graphic installation “Crime scene – dear Natasha”, Nepokorennye Gallery (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Festivals and Biennale:

2020 “I don’t know if the Earth is spinning or not ..” VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art at Museum of Moscow ( Moscow, Russia)
2018 lll Artmossphere Biennale, CCA Winzavod (Moscow, Russia)
2018 “CYFEST 11: Weather Forecast” festival, New York Media Centre (New York, USA)
2016 “Bezmestie”, Special program of Moscow Biennale for Young Art, Artplay (Moscow, Russia)


2020 Winner of the State Award in Contemporary Art “Innovation 2020” in the category “New Generation” (Russia)

Selected group exhibitions:

2020 “20:20 Time has stopped”, MMOMA (Moscow, Russia)
2020 This laugh will end in tears, The HSE ART Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2019 The whole world was not accessible to my gaze, The Carillon gallery (Texas, USA)
2019 Rooted to the spot, Street Art Museum (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
2018 “Museum of Material Culture”, Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building (Moscow, Russia)
2018 “Oh Zine, you are the world!”, GROUND gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2017 “Luda catering” performance, Luda Gallery (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
2017 “Brighter days are coming”, Street Art Museum (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
2016 “BEZMESTIE”, Luda Gallery (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
2016 Deconstruction of performances of the “New blockheads” art group, ММOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art) (Moscow, Russia)(Moscow, Russia)