Disk (D:)


Fragment Gallery presents Dagnini’s first personal exhibition in Moscow. Disk (D:) project is dedicated to nostalgia for the age of mass distribution of ОS Windows 95/98 and to the political turmoil in Russia in the ’90s.

The exhibition included the artworks from the series «Windows». Canvas, murals and hand-embroidered tapestries were gathered by the artist in a total installation referring to an average entrance hall in a typical Russian apartment block. It is a traditional meeting place for generations of teenagers. Similar to Disk (D:), this space accumulates various types of information, gets clogged up and over time is formatted by the housing office’s efforts and especially lodgers.
But the walls of the entrance hall created by Dagnini are not covered with teenagers’ graffiti or artificial plants. Her main characters are the Word Paperclip Assistant and the tired first president of the new country. Windows’ interface, “the “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) and noisy television image of the burning White House have changed our optics forever. Memories of the ’90s are still vivid for many of us, but they have already become memes for the new generation of Russians.

In her project, Dagnini refers more particularly to the emotional experience of living through and reflecting on the age that will be formatted by history books very soon.
Mixing digital and real, she offers her own view of time when the internet was innocent and Klondike (Solitaire) became a kind of shelter for a whole generation of apolitical people.

About artist

Dagnini — an artist from Saint Petersburg. She lives and works in Moscow. Graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts and Pro Arte School for Young Artists.

She works with dynamic performances, creates objects, installations, paintings and graphics. The main theme of her researching is a glitch both in a digital space and in a reality. The breach of the peace and current everyday routine are the necessary condition for her artworks.

About curator

Julia Yousma — curator, director of HSE ART Gallery which is a part of HSE Art and Design School. She was the curator of the new wing of the House of Gogol exhibition space at the «Komnata» gallery. Moreover, she participated in curator’s groups of «Politech» festival (2018) and «Artmossphere» biennale (2016 and 2018).