Alexey Martins

Garden should grow up

The project “Garden should grow up” is an analysis of interaction between two structures: the object and the place, which interact differently with each other and with the viewer. They are far apart regarding the implementation, material, density, expressive means, meaning and relation toward space, while at the same time they create a united image. In this project the artist explores the features of modern sculpture and its range. Now, when there is no primacy of abstract form before figurative, as it was in the 60s, everything is kept on a delicate balance of visual, tactile and imaginative.

“Garden should grow up” is an attempt to create a space where one flows smoothly into another, attention does not stop at a particular place, and the viewer’s body became the main actor and a certain kinetic sculpture.
This is a project about the interrelation of two series of sculptures that may well exist separately, but in tandem they create a unique piece of the world — the artistic ecosystem.

The artworks from this project were included in the group exhibition “Consequences” (curator — Olga Remnyova), presented in Fragment Gallery.