Alexey Martins

Mental firewood

The project explores distinct perception of themselves and environment shared by residents of Siberia. Heat is a sacred and mythologized resource for them. For this reason, the artist uses wood as a key element, cold bronze or marble are replaced by archaic and more “living” material. “Firewood” is a source of special artistic heat. After all, in Siberia everything should warm, even art. The exposition includes zoomorphic sculptures created from old boards, wood and graphics.
The artist tries to imagine what Siberian art could be if it developed separately.
By analogy with the Italian “Arte Povera” Martins suggests the term “Siberian forced” – the main feature of art should become a useful item or survival material in cases of severe deprivation.
This is partly why it was understood that wood is the most suitable material for Siberian sculpture. In addition, the attitude to wood in Siberia is extremely careful. For example, when disassembling a house, wood is used as fuel and is never thrown away. In fact, the sculptures and objects created by Alexei are bonfires that haven’t been set on fire yet. For the artist, sculpture – is primarily the balance of empty and filled space. Therefore, the relationship of the characters with each other and with the surrounding space is so important.

“Mental firewood” was presented in Fragment Gallery from the 8th of February till the 02 of March 2017.

The artworks were included in the «Clouds⇄Forests» project (curator — Yuko Hasegawa), which was shown within the Main program of the 7th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

From «Clouds⇄Forests» project (curator — Yuko Hasegawa).
Main program of the 7th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.