Alexander Shchurenkov

Born in 1984.

Alexander Shchurenkov is a social practice artist and sculptor, interested in how traditional crafts, shaped by values and standards of excellence are passed from generation to generation through demonstration, conversation, and practice. He explores how these skills help communities and individuals to survive different types of crises, from personal to macro-economic. His another point of interest is commodification of hopes for better life.

Alexander graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art (Russia) in 2018. In 2017 he participated in an artistic residency on creating large-scale installations in Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts. In March 2019 he took part in High House artist residency (Norfolk, UK) under mentorship by Antony Gormley. In 2018 his solo show in Vacation gallery (New York, USA) was featured by ARTNews as one of most anticipated events of the week.


2016 — 2018 Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia)
2000 — 2004 Moscow State University, BA in Mathematics (Moscow, Russia)


March 2019 High House Studio (Norfolk, UK) artist residency under mentorship of Antony Gormley
August 2017 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Michael Beutler’s course “What the work tells about the tools”

Solo Exhibitions:

August 2019 “Crafting Present and Future”, workshop for artists and members of local community — sharing experience on traditional crafts, and site-specific installation in the Residency Unlimited (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
May 2019 — one work site-specific installation at “Between Windows” gallery (at Phillips auction house London and Moscow offices)
July 2018 “Once it happened, backfired” at Vacation (New York, USA)
May 2018 “Zugzwang” Fragment Gallery (Moscow, Russia), part of parallel program of VI Biennale of Young Art
August 2017 “Down the basement”, site-specific installation in Salzburg Fortress, part of Salzburg Summer Academy graduation exhibition

Selected group exhibitions:

October 2018 “Post-post text”, non-commercial art space “Ground” (Moscow, Russia)
June 2018 “Myth and legends of present time”, Gogol’s Museum New Wing (Moscow, Russia)
May 2017 “Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow: 25 years”, The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center (Moscow, Russia)
February 2017 “Sessions of phantom communication”, Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia)