Alexander Shchurenkov

The Mother of Ruin

«The Mother of Ruin» series by Alexander Shchurenkov is presented with variety of unfinished macramé wall panels with obvious defect in patterns and symmetry («ruined») embodied the owl figure without eyes. They reflect on the life level that most people in Russia had in early 1990s, the largely forgotten by later generations key facts of poverty of the time, the lack of products in stores that were substituted by handmade objects, which is all a blind spot in inner history for the rest of the world. It accompanied with dozens of watercolour and wax pastel drawings. The subject of the latter is different types of owl’s eyes seen on found pictures of owl-shaped macramé decorations from Avito (Russian analogue of eBay), and vintage Russian DIY magazines. The owl shape was chosen on purpose as not only one of the most popular figure for macramé panels in 1990s but also because of its biblical meaning. In Psalms this melancholy bird sitting among the fallen palaces and prostrate temples was commonly used as emblem of gloom and wretchedness.