Alexander Shchurenkov

Untitled (Cage)

The site-specific installation «Untitled (Cage)» (2018), that was a start for series of similar works, is a carrier column, which was enclosed in a lattice of metal fittings. This design consists of four, made in an industrial way and composed without additional fastening of metal nets in the angles, three planes of which were adjusted with green and red elements. On one side the mesh design resembles a cage, on the other — it is a kind of barrier or security structure. It cuts the base carrying the column from the whole space of the gallery, and warns with its rigid structure that there are clear boundaries, but the wide mesh itself makes it possible to interact almost freely with the internal space of the installation, and thereby puts the viewer in a helpless position depending on imaginary restrictions.

In this case, the grid here carries not only an obstructive, defensive function, but, above all, filters the flows of different kind of information passing through the entire structure.

The anchored elements on the grid of green and red colors symbolize the retained information, which can be represented as already occurred events that affected the entire system, as well as the form of accumulated knowledge or residual memory. The three-dimensional landscape gives an idea of ​​the presence and direction of some metaphysical information flows, which turned out to be physically documented by the mesh/cage structure, but does not reveal their essence, leaving any possible interpretation behind the viewer.

With an increase in the number of spectators in the space around the installation and changes in its physical properties (temperature, direction of air movement, etc.), green “petals” respond to indirect effects and gradually change their position, fixing a new state of the system.