Jura Shust


Today, information is often described using metaphors of liquidity – information shower, the flow of information, information leakage. Information, as well as water, is a dynamic resource, constantly changing, with no stable shape, flowing through modern structures of stabilization and control. The term informational hygiene also refers to the modern variations of bio politics, where the subject is constructed not only through the practice of body control, but also inclusion into internet stream.
The work consists of a series of aluminum plates with engraved splashes of water, polished to a mirror effect. A futuristic, as if tempting, surface refers to the aesthetics of modern gadgets that could find their place both on board a spacecraft, and in an expensive boutique. Gadgets are a kind of prosthesis, an extension of its user’s body. Mirrored surfaces interconnect neuronal endings into a single network, encircling the planet as if translating into reality the utopian idea of the noosphere. Another element connected to the idea of absorption is activated charcoal, which creates ornament on the surfaces of the metal plates. Charcoal absorbs toxins, and is a strong filter for water in chemical terms. The work refers to the ideas of animation of artificial intelligence and the effect of digital mirror, informational hygiene and the metaphors of liquidity of late capitalism: flexible, compliant and flowing into all the cracks.