Dew Kim
Apocalypse Kiss



21.10.2021 – 11.11.2021


Dew Kim and PASHA are the winners of the international open call Center Stage, whose main goal is to support LGBTQIA+ early career artists. Their solo projects are presented in Fragment space in Moscow. 

Dew Kim’s (a.k.a Huh, Need-you) artistic practice is built on studying various forms of social conflicts. Kim thinks the starting point of art, religion, and identity lies in the critical point of change and collision. The process of destruction, in masochistic terms, is both pain and pleasure. His artwork explores issues of sexuality, queerness, feminism, sadomasochism, pop culture, religion, mysticism, and the body as forms of knowledge and research. 

Dew Kim has done queer sci-fi works since 2018. Dew Kim’s project, presented at the exhibition, is dedicated to a simultaneous moment in which the destruction of mankind and the birth of a new species occur simultaneously. A previously non-existent posthuman species replace homo sapiens with non-binary gender identity. The exhibition talks about a queer practice trying to make or coordinate these changes and conflicts into a new form and erase existing normative boundaries.

PASHA was born in USSR, in the year of Brezhnev’s death, so the artist was in the vacuum of Soviet reality, where there was an awareness of his sexuality, an understanding of his difference from his peers, in the complete absence of any information about the existence of homosexuality. This greatly influenced the formation of his personality both as a man and as an artist. PASHA does not reveal his name, preferring to remain anonymous, but he is still not afraid to demonstrate his vulnerability — his projects are deeply personal and intimate.

He has recently entered the field of working on personal projects by raising important questions and issues. His work explores themes of personal past experience, bullying, and discrimination, stereotypes, and xenophobia, identity, and self-identification. PASHA also uses my body as a tool that alongside graphics, objects, and other mediums acts as an instrument of expressing an idea.