Jura Shust

Drunken Forest

As if a time portal, “Drunken Forest” frames metamorphoses of the archaic fear. A desire to isolate oneself from the outer world, to find a sanctuary in the trance of order and to protect oneself from the daunting unknown by magical patterns.
Fractals of information covering our interactive windows are like intricate frosting. Heat maps of our glances, trajectories of our movements, touch registry mechanisms generate a fairy-tale where we swallow a bitter balsam and fall asleep in a winter forest. Under the spell of overwhelming synchronization, like tongues of fire, we embrace the pillars of sacred pines setting the endless forest ablaze…

The work based on 9 charred platbands. In traditional Slavic culture, the platband has the magical function, it protects an inner space of a house from evil spirits, becoming a peculiar form of identification. Metal panels with patterns generated by frost are mounted in windows frames. Frost is a Slavic deity often associated with a blacksmith who fetters rivers, decorates trees with silvery snow, and with a single touch can freeze a person. At the same time, the work refers to the form of a digital window, an interface, covered with informational noise and traces of navigation gestures.