Farhad Farzaliyev

Azerbaijan Baroque


Fragment Gallery will held the very first solo exhibition of Azerbaijan artist Farhad Farzaliyev. Andrey Miziano became a curator of the project.

Artist easily switches between between different styles and genres, but one thing stays steady. Culture of his country and new national identity of independent Azerbaijan appear as a main Farzaliyev’s matter of interest. His homeland located close to Persian, Ottoman and Russian Empires becomes an inspirational kaleidoscope of customs, traditions and rituals. According to the words of the artist his country is his only muse, a charming mystery which have to be solved.

Farzaliyev accurately examined anthropological samples of his native cultural context, carefully catalogued all forms of the new art, and the archaic elements turning back and actualized to create neofolk artifacts.

“Azerbaijan Baroque” begins as a dialogue between two projects – “I Am Your Only Tiger” (2015) and “Happy Birthday, Marina” (2017). The exposition includes objects deliberately designed as a kitsch. Animalistic colours mixed with flower patterns looks flashy. This intentional mess emphasised with variety of forms: exhibition consists of installations, posters, fabric and clothes. Farzaliyev follows ‘women of Caucasia’ whose habits and state of style developed divided from global trends and set up in the original way.
In his project “Happy Birthday, Marina” Farhad remasters Azerbaijan visual tradition and reflects the mass post-soviet culture in the region. All across the country there are lots of small typographies specialised on the souvenirs production – calendar, mugs, t-shirts. The project presented as an anniversary gift to Marina Abramovic one of the most important artists of our time gives us an insight to the common sense of taste in the region. “Happy Birthday, Marina” created on the base of the cross cultural dialogue literally force you to think about relation between high art and common, serious and comic, eternal and immediate.

The exhibition which will run from 13 April until 19 May 2017

About artist

Farhad Farzaliyev was born in Baku in 1989. Studied in the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts. Participated in various group exhibitions, including The Six and the Fifth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary art. Took part in the Festival of Islamic Art (Sharjah, The UAE, 2014), joined group exhibition Steps of Time (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Germany, 2008). Became a co-curator of the “Candy mountains, Oil Shores” (PERMM, Russia, 2015). His works belongs to the collection of the Museum of Contemporary art (Baku, Azerbaijan) and YARAT Contemporary Art Space (Baku, Azerbaijan). Lives and works in Baku.

About curator

Andrey Misiano – curator, anthropologist. He graduated Moscow State University in 2009 with a BA in History, specializing in ethnology and anthropology. He has been working at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art since 2009 (at first – in exhibition department, later – in curator department). By now occupies a position of Assistant Curator at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. As a curator he led a project “Enchanted Wanderer” at “The heritage of Chukotka” museum (Anadyr, 2013). “Untitled… (Native Foreigners)” appeared as his personal curator project realized at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (2014). He supervised Eugene Granilshikov’s personal exhibition “Untitled (after the defeat” in ММАМ and oversaw the group project “Experiences of the Imaginary” which became an opening exhibition on New Holland Island in St Petersburg. Co-curated the Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art in 2017. Works and lives in Moscow.