Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov’s exhibition “Nonatu” takes place in the art space Dreiviertel in Bern

11 November 2017

Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov‘s exhibition “Nonatu” takes place in the art space Dreiviertel from October 27 to November 25.
The project has been implemented on the basis of artist’s participation in Swiss

The project “Nonatu” is telling us about the relationship between people from different cultural patterns and nature. Living in the cities all over the world, people transform urban flora and fauna. Ilya spent several time in the city exploring what people «left» after themselves. The process was much similar to archaeological study based on pottery and ceramic findings, tree roots, stones, houseplants abandoned on the streets or thrown flowers. The «archaeological record» included all these artifacts giving the opportunity to study human history and to create its alternative version. The artist trying to dissociate modern humanity from the projection of studied alternative civilization by material culture analysis.

The first part of Nonatu project was implemented by the artist in Samara in 2016. It was an attempt to determine the role of Volga river in the region.