Jura Shust

Jura Shust (born in 1983 in Belarus) lives and works in Berlin.

In his artistic practice, Shust raises issues of the connection of rituals and myths with technology, science, and bio-politics.
Created from hi-tech and everyday materials, Shust’s projects draw attention to modernity’s contradictions: a passion for rational knowledge and fetishism, inclusion in contemporary communicative networks, and an archaic worldview.
He works mostly with installation, graphics, video.

«Focused on the investigation of daily life, I explore the nature of repetition and the origin of trance. Intrigued by the human thirst for spiritualization, I examine relationships between ritual and discipline, contemporary biopolitics, and technology.
Being inspired by the ancient idea of computation of a soul, I am interested in the sacral concept of a human mind’s interconnection into a global system. Intrigued by modern polysemy, informational intoxication, and desire for oblivion, I reflect on how mythological overlap with technological apparatus. Interweaving scientific research and spiritual search, analyzing tendencies of techno-optimism, which frames the strive for immortality, I am constructing my narrative, using different mediums for its articulation».

(Jura Shust)

Besides his artistic practice, Shust is a founder and an editor of the international dialogues platform for artists and curators – Saliva.live.


2015 – 2016 Higher Institute of Fine Arts HISK. Postgraduate diploma (Ghent, Belgium)
2012 – 2013 The Royal Academy of Fine Arts KASK. MA Fine Arts (Ghent, Belgium)
2006 – 2010 European Humanity University EHU. BA Visual Communications (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2002 – 2004 VGTU Vitebsk State Technological University. Visual Communications (Vitebsk, Belarus)

Solo exhibitions:

2021 «NEOPHYTE II», EXILE Gallery (Vienna, Austria)
2019 «NEOPHYTE», Fragment Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2019 «NEOPHYTE», Gallery of Contemporary Art «Ў» (Minsk, Belarus)
2019 «Drunken Forest». Vyksa Steelworks History Museum (Vyksa, Russia)
2017 «Baptism by Fire», curated by Sasha Burenkov. ISSMAG Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2017 «Poppositions». ING Art Center (Brussels, Belgium)
2017 «Absorption», curated by Aleksei Borisionok, Contemporary Art Center «Ў» (Minsk, Belarus)
2015 «EXO OBLIVION». Bruthaus Gallery (Waregem, Belgium)
2014 «From Where to When». The White House Gallery (Leuven, Belgium)
2014 «Requiem for a New Year». Contemporary Art Center «Ў» (Minsk, Belarus)
2013 «Repetition». Cour St-Georges, Art space (Ghent, Belgium)
2013 «Transcendental Transition». «Croxhapox» Art Platform (Ghent, Belgium)


2020 Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award, nominee in the «Best Media Object» category (Russia)
2015 «Coming People». Nominee. Museum of Contemporary Art S.M.A.K. (Ghent, Belgium)

Festivals and Biennale:

2021 «The Endless Frontier», 14th Baltic Triennial (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2016 «DEEP INSIDE» 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (Moscow, Russia)
2015 «Survival K(n)it 7» International Contemporary Art Festival (Riga, Latvia)
2015 «The Wrong» New Digital Art Biennale. «In De Ruimte» art platform (Ghent, Belgium)
2015 «No matter that the phone is ringing» the special program of 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia)
2014 «Limited Access V» screening. Festival for Moving Images, Sound, and Performance (Tehran, Iran)

Selected group exhibitions:

2021 «Things We Sense About Each Other», Badischer Kurnstverein (Karlsruhe, Germany) (forthcoming)
2021 «Every day. Art. Solidarity. Resistance», Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2020 Cosmoscow Art Fair, represented by Fragment Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2019 «Ach, dass ich Wassers genug hatte». Richter space (Moscow, Russia)
2019 «After the future». Triumph Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2019 «New materialism: from instrument to sculpture». Omelchenko Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2019 Highlights of S.M.A.K. collection curated by Philippe Van Cauteren. Strombeek Cultural Center (Ghent,
2019 «TENANTS» group show. Giorgio Galotti Gallery (Turin, Italy)
2018 «DEAD END GALAXIES» curated by Marlies Wirth & Christian Siekmeier. Polansky Gallery (Prague, Czech Republic)
2018 «The Future is Certain» curated by Monika Lipšic. Blaffer Art Museum (Houston, Texas, US)
2018 «The Dutch Savannah» curated by Barbara Cueto & Bas Hendrikx. Museum de Domijnen (Sittard, Netherlands)
2017 «Work hard! Play Hard! Transmission» Performance (Minsk, Belarus)
2017 «The future is certain; It’s the past which is unpredictable» Curator: Monika Lipšic. Calvert 22 Foundation
(London, UK)
2017 «Camouflaged Pearls», Bruthaus Gallery (Waregem, Belgium)
2016 «The Specific Emotional»: Between the repetition and the event. Liljevalchs Hubb (Stockholm, Sweden)
2016 «The Empty Foxhole» HISK 2016 curated by Philippe van Cauteren. HISK (Gent, Belgium)
2016 «Drawing is Thinking, Thinking is Moving» CIAP Contemporary art center (Hasselt, Belgium)
2016 «Open Studios 2016» HISK Higher Institute of Fine Arts (Ghent, Belgium)
2016 «In Love With Beauty» powered by Sotheby’s. (Zwevegem, Belgium)
2015 «Liquid Art» duo exhibition. «Plagiarama» art space (Brussels, Belgium)
2015 «Ritualia», Ename Archaeological Museum (Oudenaarde, Belgium)
2015 «Everything that is solid melts into air», Maksim Bahdanovich Literary Museum (Minsk, Belarus)
2015 Open studios, HISK, Higher Institute for Fine Arts (Ghent, Belgium)
2015 «Art Brussels» аrt fair. HISK group exhibition (Brussels, Belgium)
2015 «Forensic Flâneur» performance. Kaunas University of Technology, (Kaunas, Lithuania)
2014 «Inventory of the premises». «Zwart Wild» art platform (Gent, Belgium)
2014 «Coming People 2014». S.M.A.K. Museum of Contemporary Art (Ghent, Belgium)
2014 «Offside». «Ў» Contemporary Art Gallery (Minsk, Belarus)
2014 «Inventory of the premises». «Zwart Wild» Art platform (Ghent, Belgium)
2013 «Final Show» curated by Wim Waelput, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Ghent, Belgium)
2012 «The Harvest» duo performance. «Ў» Contemporary Art Gallery (Minsk, Belarus)
2012 «West of East». «Ў» Contemporary Art Gallery (Minsk, Belarus)
2012 «Europe n». GfZK Museum of Contemporary Art (Leipzig, Germany)
2011 «Household», Contemporary Art Center «Ў» (Minsk, Belarus)
2011 «Opening the Door?». CAC Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2011 «IOD» group performance. Contemporary Art Center «Ў» (Minsk, Belarus)
2011 «IOD» group performance. «Jalta» Cafe (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2011 «IOD» group performance. The Academy of Fine Arts (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2010 «IOD» group performance. Regional Puppet Theatre (Maladzyechna, Belarus)


S.M.A.K., the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art (Ghent, Belgium)