Tail of human Tale


«Tail of human Tale» presents us sophisticated story told by Lisokot VP. Exhibition held from March 17 to April 6.

Dates of the first artistic project created by Lisokot coincided with appearance of her solo album not by chance. Her experiments with live performed electronic music well known; sensual, archetypical and poetic elements become the core of her voice acting performances. Сostumes, masks and carefully created decor powerfulу affect the audience.

Lisokot set three art areas filled with objects of crucial importance for her sound and figurative experiments. Artist’s interpretation of soviet popular songs emphasis in a psychedelic manner it’s eternal hope and honesty. All attributes was literally materialized, so you can find shimmering mist of the unknown utopia, statue of the Spasskaya tower which figuratively represent cosy desire mixed with imperial aggression, peculiar soviet rubber toys become little archetypal assistants of our unconscious intentions.

Last space gives us an insight into the inspirational source of those images and into connections between one another.

Lisokot VP about exhibition: ‘I’ve practiced in the performance for last 6 years. During this prepared and spontaneous improvisations I’ve explored power of my voice and checked possibilities of the audience. It’s helped me to develop my own well-balanced language which contains a variety of personal, social and politic patterns. My debut solo album appeared as a result of this practice. The presentation of the album will be held in nontraditional form of artistic statement which won’t involve person of the artist. Meanwhile the project turns out to be more personal than we had expected. My ongoing research now relates to the unconscious mind’.

About artist

Lisokot (real name – Varya Pavlova) — artist, poet and singer, author of musical art performances, well-known for various interpretation of soviet songs and psychedelic stories which included zoomorphic symbols. Varya as a child start to show interest in visual and music arts. She was a lead singer in The V. Loktev Children’s Choir. She studied industrial design in Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, but her voice appeared like a main medium of her art practice. In 2010 Varya played a duet in the project ‘The Fastgoing Muskrat’ which became a first step of her solo performing as Lisocot. Lisocot performed in Tokyo, New-York, London, Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, she appear on the lineup of such music festivals as RomaEuropa in Italy and Outline in Moscow. Lisocot also performed at some special artistic events – the Archstoyanie art festival, Manifesta 10 in Saint-Petersburg, she was chosen as a participant of the main project of The Fifth Moscow Biennale of the Young Art. Lisocot made collaborations with musicians of great importance for experimental performing – such as Ilya Lagutenko in the ‘Keta’ project, Uwe Schmidt and others. She founded and inspired a science-pop duet Vladimir Vernadsky. In December 2016 her first solo album ‘Fog’ recorded by Aelita records.