Alexey Martins

Mental firewood


Project Mental firewood based on research in the field of mental geography and siberian identity. In the region with such a severe climate conditions warmth worshiped as a mythological resource. Material for Mental firewood was chosen for that purpose. Cold bronze or marble rejected and replaced with the archaic wood. Mental firewood become the metaphorical source of artistic heat which literally can be used as a firewood.

The exhibition includes graphics, woods-objects, and sculptures presented as zoomorphic totems, created out of old planks. The artist examine the siberian art development in imaginary situation of isolation. Alexey Martins suggests the term of “Siberian forced” similar to the Italian “Arte Povera”. The potential of the art to turn itself into something necessary becomes the main feature of artist’s project. That’s another reason why the wood was chosen as the most suitable material for the siberian sculpture. Siberian natives have a very strong connection with the wood.

If they rebuilt or demolished the old house, they wouldn’t throw away wooden pieces and use it as a fuel. In fact, all of the works created by Alexey Martins represent unlighted fires shaped in a form of sculpture or object.

The moment when totemic figures come into contact with space around one of the important one’s. All sculptures showing us correlation of the empty and occupied space and mutual relations between those stages.

Alex Martins represents with his graphic works common siberian landscape uninhabited for many miles around. Empty white space is a main Martins’s tool to emphasize the idea of desperate Siberia and all of the characters appear to indicate the scale. Titchy figures of the Explorers of the North help us to understand how huge and abandoned Siberia is.

About artist

Alexey Martins was born in 1989 in Krasnoyarsk. He got degrees from Krasnoyarsk Art School named after Vasily Surikov (Faculty of easel painting, 2010), and now he studies at the School of Contemporary Art “Free Workshops” at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. As a subject matter Martins working with different forms of art has chosen social issues in terms of social interactions and collective conscious.The role of art in the life of modern society and it’s mutual influence become another theme for Martins’s ongoing research. In 2015 Alexey Martins in collaboration with Igor Lazarev was included in Kandinsky award short-list in a nominee “Young Artist” for the performance “How to talk about art to the Siberian city”. Alexey’s portfolio contains more than twenty group and three personal exhibitions, as well as participation in the 3rd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. Alexey Martins’ works are in the Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre collection and in private collections.