Exhibition of students of the BHSAD

curator Mikhail Levin

Ways of communication

19 september – 24 september

The authors interpret the proposed topic of communication as a flow of thought or idea, as an artist’s path and overcoming boundaries, as a change in understanding and position, as a coded language of interaction with the viewer and the surrounding reality, as a choice of a certain direction of communication. Students were not limited in the choice of forms of expression, so the exhibition includes installations, videos, photo projects, site-specific and readymade.

For most authors, the exhibition will be the first experience of working with the audience on a professional platform. Fragment gallery was chosen as an institution that actively supports young artists and contemporary art in Russia.

Curator of the exhibition – Russian artist, teacher of BHSAD Mikhail Levin.

Participants: Victoria Muhonko, Juliana Grosheva, Alexandra Varfolomeeva, Bludova Daria, Maria Smorodina, Elena Ash, Alina Zhe, Alexandra Lenskaya, Elena Blagoslavova, Aysylu Garipova, Ksenia Danilova, Valeria Illarionova, Daria Karavaeva, Alexandra Lenskaya, Tatiana Sukhareva, Alena Fakhretdinova, Maria Kholmogorova, Ekaterina Finkelshtein.