group exhibition of winners of open call for curators

curator Louise Morin

Selected Shells

The project Selected Shells accumulates the practice of artists, who are interested in contemporary urban archeology. The artists use «abandoned», unnecessary material, to what is a shell and at the same time can be a cover or a shelter. Based on the study of the features and forms of this material, creating sculptures and installations from it, they find a new form of application for it. Practice of researchers-collectors becomes for artists the way of mastering the space of the city and outskirts.
Authors related to minimalism of forms and methods use objects found in landfills, often recycled, as well as gypsum and textiles. They leave their traces through micro street art, photos and documentation of their inter-ventions, uniting around the concepts of imprint and trace, emptiness and fullness.
Like hermit crabs, in his pilgrimage migrating from one place to another, the artists move from big to small and back, from landscape to still life, from photography to the still-life, moving from the inside out.
The exhibition Selected Shells becomes a meeting place for micro-worlds of each of the artists. Combined territories form a total installation in the gallery space, where the half-abandoned, snow-covered suburbs of the Siberian city in the photographs of Yanina Boldyreva coexist with the video of Mayana Nasybullova, in which digging in the garbage in the dump resembles the practice of an ethnographer or archaeologist. Detecting and making micro-traces Gorod Ustinov develops non-spectacular strategies of mastering various locations, whether it is an overpopulated center or an empty periphery. The gallery becomes an «imaginary inner space» for the artists, formed with the help of site-specific sculptures and installations «infra-mince», according to Marcel Duchamp, which are the part of one of the numerous classifications of ready-made.
Participants of the exhibition: Yanina Boldyreva, Mayana Nasybullova and art group Gorod Ustinov
Following the logic of space saving and mobility, artists work with change of scale, in gallery space in layout format, reasoning about the size of the universe.


Janina Boldyreva (born in 1986, Novosibirsk)

Artist and curator. She graduated from Novosibirsk state Academy of architecture and arts, majoring in monu-mental artist. She began to engage in art as a digital artist, gradually focus her work shifted to photography. At the same time, she was engaged in curatorial activities and wall painting. Yanina was organizer and participant of the art group PEOPLEOFTHEWALL (2009-2013), which was dedicated to public art in Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Yekaterinburg. She was the curator of several exhibitions and art projects (2010-2018), including street art and public art projects in Novosibirsk and the festival of scientific street art «Graphite of science». She has been working with Ukrainian artist Alexander Isaenko since 2011. They create as the analog works, including photo books as the digital art like video art and web projects. Their works were noted in competitions, were presented in international shows and exhibitions. At the moment Janina is working on personal and joint photo and video art projects.
She lives and works in Novosibirsk.

Gorod Ustinov

Group members prefer to remain anonymous. They were born in 1986 and have been working together since 2010. The main aim of their activity — to learn to feel and appreciate the space, starting with the smallest par-ticles.
The participants of the 1st Triennale of contemporary Russian art (Museum of contemporary art «Garage», Moscow, 2017), 5th Moscow Biennale of contemporary art (2013) and the exhibitions: «Art against geography» (Museum of modern art PERMM, Perm, 2013), «Current Udmurtiya» (the Volgo-Vyatskiy branch of the NCCA, Nizhny Novgorod, 2016), «Dance of the death» (Verein Totentanz, Basel, Switzerland, 2016), «Manufactories of caring space-time» (Museum of fine arts (MSK), Ghent, Belgium, 2017) etc.
Live and work in Izhevsk.

Mayana Nasybullova (born in 1989, Serov)

Artist and curator. She graduated from Novosibirsk state Academy of architecture and arts. She is engaged in sculptural objects and installations. The artist captures the trends of our time by using gypsum, silicone and resin. Mayana explores the mechanisms of personal and collective memory, its relationship with the artifacts of culture.
Mayana is a participant of the 1st Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art (Museum of contemporary art «Gar-age», Moscow, 2017). Solo exhibitions: «The Crisis of Faith», (Vladey Space, Moscow, 2017), «The Withering Gypsum» (Gallery of Modern Art «Prospect», Novosibirsk, 2013), «Actual Amber» (Fund for Support of Con-temporary Art «Siberia», Novosibirsk, 2014, ARTPLAY Design Center, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk Cultural and His-torical Museum Complex, Krasnoyarsk, 2016). Participant of various group exhibitions: «This ain’t no Mos-cow» (Vladey Space, Moscow, 2017), «Comrades» (Krasnoyarsk Cultural and Historical Museum Complex, Krasnoyarsk, 2016). The artist’s works are in the collection of the Museum of contemporary art «Garage».
She lives and works in Novosibirsk and Moscow.


Louise Morin (born in 1986, France)
An art historian, curator, author of research and critical texts. Part of her curatorial activity is focused on the practice of collective participation in the creation of the exhibition. Curator of the group exhibition «Landscape Re-Worked» (New Tretyakov Gallery, 2017), which was shown the works, based on the environmental principle of thinking. Co-curator of the exhibition «AFRAID», where hiding fears forms were considered from different positions (Solyanka VPA, 2017). Co-curator of the exhibition «TEXTile», devoted to the study of the relationship between textile and text (the New wing of the Gogol House, 2018). Curator of the mobile project and the residences «City dawn», artist Magda of Mrowec (CCI Perspektiva, Moscow, 2015). Co-curator of mobile exhibition «Petit» (Voronezh, Renn, Moscow, Shanghai, 2010). A member of the collective «REPLIQUES» in Nantes (France, 2012).
Louise filmed a series of interviews with more than 40 artists from Russia.
She lives and works in Moscow.