Ilmira Bolotyan

Date in the museum


Solo exhibition ‘’Date in the museum’’ of Ilmira Bolotyan in Fragment Gallery will run from 25 May till 23 June
”Date in the museum” is an interactive research project that involved more than 400 people between the ages of 20 and 53. The artist signed up for dating sites such as Mamba and Tinder and mentioned in her status that she invites men to the museum for an exhibition of contemporary art. Ilmira refused to meet outside of the institutions of contemporary art. Only 12 men agreed to meet with her! According to the project frameworks visit to the museum represents an act or a metaphor for seduction.
The goal of the project is to switch attention of its participants from the female objectification to the exposition, to turn a date with a female artist into the meeting which provide opportunity to get in touch with art.
The topic of sexuality and frustrations, and their manifestations in contemporary society become one of the aspects of the research. In addition, the project focuses on institutional critique and determination of a museum’s role in people’s live.
Series of graphic works and documentation appear as a result of the project, including photos and videos, materials, correspondences and painting, which in this context had the role of presenting a perfect work of art.
Curator – Oxana Polyakova
Documentor – Mariana Karysheva